Our company, registered as BEZ TEKSTİL SAN.TİC.LTD.ŞTİ.  started its operations as the producer of raw clothing on 14/10/1992 with 36 weaving looms.

Having been engaged in fabric and yarn trade as well as weaving looms from 1992 to 2003, our company has been going on its operations only as a fabric manufacturer since 2003.

With Cone Dyeing facility established in Yassıhüyük town of Acıpayam district,Province Denizli, in February 2004, the first steps to become an integrated Textile factory were taken. We offer quality service to our customers through management services, marketing departments, the weaving facility, the sampling facility and colour charts at our building in Denizli city centre. The number of our employees increases in proportion to our growth rate. In parallels with developing technology, we aim to develop training of our employees as well as their cultures depending on the course of changing production.

We are the reliable and reputable supplier of shirt fabric with dyed yarn in the country and abroad thanks to our latest technology cone dyeing and weaving machinery. When our finishing facility which is about to come into operation in a short while is opened, we will be able to render our customers the services more swiftly.

Our production capacity is 400.000 mt/month shirt fabrics with dyed yarn, 130.000 kg/month cone dyeing.

Main export destination of our company are: Germany, England, France, Denmark, Italy, Switzerland and Austria, Belgium, Poland, Mexico and Morocco.

Bez Tekstil has defined its aim as continuous growth in terms of shirt fabric production with its strong equity capital, technology and human beings, quality-oriented and respect to the nature depending on today’s quality standards, customer expectations and changing living conditions.