Our Finishing Facility started studies required for tests and operations in 2013.

At our facility, cotton, and cotton blended fabric, plain dyed, yarn dyed and optic White.

These are given Liza, rising and calendar effects mechanically.

Besides chemical easy-care, top easy-care finishing, special finishing such as soft touching, silicone touching, waterproof, odor absorbing, fresh scent, anti-bacterial may be applied.

Work with a dedicated spirit



Bez Tekstil Cone Dyeing facility was established in Yassıhüyük town of Acıpayam district Province Denizli in February,2004 with an indoor area of 5.000m2 and incorporated yarn dyeing technology in its facility according to its needs. Starting operations with 4 Tons/Day, our company made investment in machinery at the beginning of 2006 and increased daily capacity to 10tons/day by including SSM winding machinery and FONG’S dyeing boilers. Reactive and Indanthrene dyeing process of cotton and cotton blended yarns between 6/1 Ne and 100/1 Ne, cotton lycra (core yarn), viscose, linen yarns and Discovers dyeing process of polyester fiber varieties are carried out. Having certificate in compliance with GOTS standard requirements, our company also has organic cotton yarn dyeing facility. Thanks to our yarn dyeing facility, we supply own dyed yarn need and sell sub product yarn dyeing and dyed finished yarn. At our color laboratory, approximately 100 new colors are assessed. Our Yarn Dyeing facility does not only rely on development in terms of production, technique and capacity, but also believes in realizing services can only be possible through focusing on customer satisfaction. Adopting sustainable quality principle, our company gives particular importance to working reliably and customer satisfaction. Being environment friendly, our company now has biological and physical treatment facility put into operation upon establishment of our yarn dyeing facility.

We Work Systematically.


Founded in Center  district of Denizli city in October, 1992 on a 30.000m2 area with 7.500m2 indoor areas, Bez Tekstil Weaving Facility continuously renews and improves its machinery depending on technology and realizes quality production. All our machinery is state of the art and includes the following;

720 and 800 coils capacity, 2 pieces of 2007 model Benninger cone sectional warping machinery,

Double tub and 20 beam capacity 2007 model Benninger Sizing machinery,

1 piece 2010 model Staubli Delta 110 weaving draft machinery,

1 piece 2007 model CCİ hand-loom machinery,

1 piece 2005 model KarlMayer sample warping machinery,

1 piece 2003 model Schlafhorst dry process winding machinery,

1 piece 2005 model Kaji sample coil sizing machinery,

Picanol Gammax 2004 model 42 pieces,

Picanol Gammax 2007 model 20 pieces,

Picanol Optimax 2008 model 8 pieces

Weaving facility having 14 pieces of Picanol Optimax 2010 model weaving looms and our Picanol weaving machinery is 190 cm and 220 cm in width with the capacity of double beam, 24 frames and operates at 12 wrap colours.

Our weaving facility with highly innovative machinery and experienced personnel, flexibility and speed production conditions required for production of dyed yarn shirt fabric renders services to the customers based on quality principles. Fabric quality controls is carried out 100%. The product is delivered to the customer as 1st class raw fabric and finished fabric. There are 5 control machinery at fabric quality department. Thanks to red area where discarded fabric is kept, it is prevented that such fabric is mixed with 1st quality fabric. There is a traceable label on each batch.

In order to offer better services to our customers and find the best, we carry out hand-loom study by making assessment prior to production. This hand-loom service can be rendered to our customers upon request. We continue to offer samples to our customers. Our sampling machinery is Min.7 mt and multiples of that.